About Maria Eriksen Shoes

Maria Eriksen Shoes is a bespoke shoemaking business established in 2019. Maria’s beautiful workshop is located on their 200 year old farm in Sorø, Denmark. Maria has always had a fascination with shoes and their fit; coming from a healthcare background, the health benefits received from well fitting shoes has always been particularly interesting to her.

Over the last 8 years Maria has attended several workshops around the world, with master shoemakers from New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Denmark, all in an endeavor to refine her skills in the traditional process of creating top of the line handcrafted shoes.

Every pair of Maria Eriksen Shoes is made to measure, starting with a raw last that is then adjusted to the costumers feet measurements, then using only the highest quality materials, with a meticulous attention to detail, the rest of the shoe is formed around the last to create a truly one of a kind pair of shoes.